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I was asked months ago to come up with a list of my top 10 OTM gag scenes. I simply never had the time due to other committments, but a golden opportunity presented itself today: As a result of nasty storms here in my area, I was very fortunate to have the day off thanks to a power outage at my work place. That gave me all the time I needed to complete this list - which admittedly was pretty difficult since the classic scenes all seem to be with tape gags. Anywho, I did the best I could with it so as usual from left to right and top to bottom, here goes:

10. Jacqueline Collen, Adventures of Sinbad 

9. Geraldine Hakewill, Uninhabited

8.Elizabeth Hurley, My Favorite martian - the lone highlight from a very, very crappy flick IMO.

7.Jane Seymour, Memories of Midnight

6. Rosenda Monteros, Cauldron of Blood - There’s a nice sequence where the damsel (while her feet are still bound and gagged) wrestles with her female captor when she’s trying to inject her with a drug. Though she ultimately loses the struggle, we get treated to some nice rolling around from the two ladies.

5. Claire Danes, Homeland - Found her adorable back in her “My So-called life” days.

4. Linda Thorson, The Avengers

3. Alison Armitage, Acapulco Heat

2. Cameron Diaz, Head above water - Cameron Diaz in all her glory. She also had a great tape gag scene in “A life less ordinary”

1. Jennifer Ellison, The Cottage - The bondage and gag are both extremely unconvincing, but Jennifer Ellison does an admirable job of selling both. She’s also very much the damsel from hell (is there such a thing?) in this flick, breaking noses and kicking her kidnappers asses all while in a supposed state of helplessness. 

That concludes yet another DID list. Now comes the list of all lists: yep, the tape gag scenes. I’ll tell you right now there is NO WAY in hell it will be a top 10…more like a top 20 or even quite possibly a top 30. I have an idea as to some of the scenes that will be on it, but I don’t quite have the order down yet. I have no idea when I’ll eventually get around to it - might be this year, next year..hell I may not even be around on Tumblr when that time comes lol. Just don’t expect it anytime soon.

Feedback on the OTM list is welcome, as always.


I don’t think she should have talked back, now she is punished. Great OTM gag ! Follow @gaglover58 on Instagram !!


I don’t think she should have talked back, now she is punished. Great OTM gag ! Follow @gaglover58 on Instagram !!


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